• Julie Rae Powers Has A Plan With A Purpose

    Julie Rae Powers (they/them) is a photographer based in Columbus, OH. Julie Rae and Perry sat down to discuss their latest project, a queer-focused zine titled 50:Pride.
  • [Re]Freshed

    How a professional conference gave Zac Boyer, M.A.Ed a new perspective on their workplace.
  • A Fresh Take

    Why was Quiet Deviants created?
  • I Swear/I’m as Free as My Hair

    How cutting my hair short impacted my personal journey.
  • Yikes...You Sure About Quiet "Deviants"?

    A few thoughts on how the Quiet Deviants name came to be.
  • Surprise at Staples

    A unexpected pleasant experience at Staples and the larger lesson that came from it.
  • "Meeting" Megan Rapinoe

    How USWNT soccer star Megan Rapinoe has served as an inspiration for Quiet Deviants.
  • CityPulse Columbus Feature

    A profile of Perry from CityPulse Columbus.
  • My Thoughts on Straight Pride Parades

    How I choose to view the recent Boston straight pride parade announcement.
  • Columbus Artist Aqua Creates Her Own Path

    A feature on Aqua, a local QPOC painter based in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Hey There

    An introduction to the Quiet Deviants brand.