Taking Power Back

As I get ready to drop the newest Quiet Deviants design, I think it’s important that I revisit one of the main ideas behind the brand. It’s easy for me to forget that not everyone who knows the QD brand has spoken to me, or seen every post with some of the explanations as to how the brand came to be.


First, I should take a step back. The LGBTQ community is clearly hitting in a turning point. More voices than ever are being uplifted and valued, and we are richer for it. Queerness is discussed in everyday discourse with increasing normalcy. That being said, a lot of the stories that are told are repetitive and narrowly focused. Quiet Deviants is meant to push past and add on to the typical narratives—not in in an effort to erase, but rather to showcase the variability and fluidness of what being LGBTQ means.


The Foundation Collection and the new design can be interpreted in various ways. They can be worn to strike up further conversation but also allow for one to specially choose who they choose to explain themselves to. Talking about being queer can feel like opening a Pandora’s box of chaos, even in seemingly “safe” situations. Taking back that control is a way to reclaim your power, and take care of yourself or any past selves you need to show up for. Ultimately, I think it’s important for all of us to remember that we can control our story, and we don’t owe anyone any explanation or rationalization to confirm our existence.

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