See What We See

As 2020 has progressed, there’s been an ongoing narrative that this year is one that has seen the breaks in our society’s foundation raw and exposed for the first time. There was fresh, fiery outrage over systemic racism, our healthcare system, politics, the psychology behind social media, class divides, hypocrisy, and individualism.

To many, this year was the first time they had been forced out of their personal bubble. The piercing of that bubble was a frightening, jarring way to spend their time inside.

Shock was a noticeably less visible reaction in the queer community. These are issues we have been aware of and actively fighting for as long as our voice has been heard. We’ve felt the evolution of how people are treated in both fast and brutally slow ways.

See What We See is about listening to the voices of those that have been bringing these issues to light. Whether it be via activism, photography, self-care, or simply by existence, the humans involved are using their life as a catapult for their community--however that may be defined--to ascend. 

See What We See queer storytelling graphic

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