Rewriting Our Own Songs

“...a new take on a song we already know…”

Trixie Mattel, LGBTQ&A podcast March 2018

This quote hit me out of the blue the other day as I was listening to an old LGBTQ&A podcast episode with Trixie Mattel. As a drag queen, Trixie embodies this quote through her persona. There’s the classic range of women we see and already “know” through mainstream media, and Trixie and other drag queens disrupt that by rewriting the definition of what it means to be a “real woman.” The choice to take the norm and twist it in a fresh way is one of my favorite parts about the LGBTQ community.

The creations I see across social media from Reddit to Instagram to Youtube always have a distinctive element, one that comes from feeling comfortable with breaking the rules and creating outside of the box of typical societal expectations. The range of our people is seemingly endless: different colors, genders, clothing, types of expression, careers, and locations.

That’s also the tone I hope to hit with Quiet Deviants. I want to bring designs that are completely different from a typical queer clothing brand. We have so much history and nuance within our community. My personal experience has certainly been more layered than just a rainbow or label of how I identify. Although those two things are within our comfort zone, I hope that going forward we’ll push ourselves to dive deeper into all of the parts that make us each a whole human.

You can listen to LGBTQ&A episode with Trixie Mattel here:

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