One Year

Quiet Deviants has officially been live for one year.

Owning a clothing brand has been very different from how I imagined it would be. There have been plenty of exciting moments, but figuring out how to communicate the brand's message has been confusing and frustrating. The other day, I was having a conversation with a friend about figuring out the best way to reach your audience. It’s well known that getting seen in Instagram and Facebook is an increasingly convoluted task.

I suddenly realized that the main source of my frustration is this: I did not start Quiet Deviants to become a content creator. I started it as an honest, pure artistic expression of myself: it was literally the way I came out.

Because of Quiet Deviants, I went to my first Pride celebration. It is the connecting thread to most of the queer friendships I have today. It’s given me an admissions ticket to various queer and entrepreneurial spaces in the past year. Conjuring up an image of who I would be without Quiet Deviants is difficult; stumbling around among shadows is easier than navigating with no light at all.

I freely admit I am an overthinker and a pragmatist, which tends to trend my inner focus towards a lack of action and impatience. However, QD has simply given me too much personally and professionally for me to be anything but grateful for this past year. To be able to explore my own thoughts and feelings through a creative medium as varied as fashion is a true gift.

I plan on continuing to make pieces that allow people to see a part of their past, present, and future in a tangible way, outside of a screen and on their own skin.

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