Masters of Transformation

This is the first year that I’ve viewed Halloween through the lens of the queer community. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the elaborate costumes, the creativity in the couples costumes, and the overall enthusiasm for Halloween. I never realized that it’s a big holiday for most queer people. As I was scrolling through Instagram, I started wondering why it’s so popular—popular enough that being amped about Halloween is stereotype of the community.

In my opinion, a large part of the reason Halloween is so popular is because it allows people to literally become who they want to be, even if it’s only for a night. For some people, that means being able to live as the gender they truly feel for a few blissful hours. For others, it’s embodying a powerful hero of theirs, a person or thing they call upon when they feel weak. It’s also very similar to Pride celebrations; it’s an opportunity to let go of the seriousness of our day-to-day experience and go wild.

The first phrase that popped in to my head was “master of disguise”, but I’d like to reframe it. Rather, I’d like to think of the queer community as masters of transformation. Throughout various portions of our life, we take steps to revolutionize who we are to the world and ourselves. Compared to that, Halloween is a piece of cake.

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