BXTCH Series Part Four: our future

This is the fourth and final poem from the series featuring BXTCH (pronounced "butch".)  You can find out more about BXTCH at https://www.bxtch-poetry.com/ or on Instagram at @bxtch_boi.



Full poem:
i can’t imagine having the future
i always dreamed of
being with you
but i can imagine one
beyond my wildest dreams
we'd have a backyard
with a treehouse, and a tire swing
and a hammock
for the warm nights,
when you'd hold me
we'd have small rooms
and big tv's
because nothing is more important
than Thursday nights on the couch
surfing netflix
with your arm around
my neck, and your sweet lips
we'd have 4 bedrooms
one for us, 2 for our adopted kids
and one, for the people
who don't judge us
for the people who love us
despite what our parents
and grandparents have taught us
despite what the bible said about us
despite your fear
of holding my hand in public
because you know people will judge you
despite the fact that if people are around, we won’t even say ‘i love you’
but our friends know,
i love you
and they don’t care
so they get a room
and i know it’s not safe outside
but you're my little butterfly
let my arms be your cocoon
i know it hurts

let me lick your wounds
we can forget the world
and stay inside
all day and all night
no, this is not the future
i always dreamed of
but it’s the one
i'll always choose

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