A Fresh Take

Last week, I talked about the freeing feeling of having a hairstyle that reflects who I am on the inside. But another major element of showing who you are on the outside is clothing. To me, style is really just how you choose to express yourself and show the world how you feel. Everyone has a little bit of their own twist—some people love power suits, while others make a statement in T-shirts and sneakers.   In an era where queer clothing is staking out its territory in the fashion world, it’s a lot easier for people who don’t conform to typical fashion categories to find something that speaks to them. Brands like Syro, Stuzo, Flavnt, and many others are kicking down doors and redefining who a “typical consumer” is.

My hope is that Quiet Deviants can be another big presence in this new territory. When I first started looking for clothing that spoke to who I am, I couldn’t find anything that felt quite right. I’m a naturally reserved person, so a lot of the brash, loud clothing available didn’t align with what I wanted. There was also an element of repetitiveness in a lot of offerings—rainbow colors, simple text-based shirts, or recycled designs that have been used for decades. On certain websites, it was hard to tell who was behind the shirt, or if it was even designed by an LGBTQ person.   Quiet Deviants came from my desire to create something that felt fresh with a hint of subversion; a completely new way to express pride. As a part of the overall brand, I want to use the QD platform to introduce people who may not typically have a way to tell their story. Through interviews, features on Instagram and Facebook, and YouTube videos, I hope to spread a message of liberation and resilience.

It feels like the LGBTQ community is entering a new era, one where voices that used to be stifled are now finally being given the attention they deserve. I want to create designs that help bring all of our voices together while still acknowledging everyone’s unique place, which is why the Foundation Collection designs are so similar. Going forward, I hope to continually push the narrative forward and introduce clothing that is as groundbreaking as we all are.

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