• Rewriting Our Own Songs

    The queer podcast LGBTQ&A inspires deeper thoughts on rewriting the script.
  • Salem Jones Sheds Their Old Self

    Queer nonbinary tattoo artist Salem Jones shares their story.
  • My Drag Race Lesson

    My biggest takeaway from RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Saying Yes and Showing Up

    How you get to know yourself when you opt in and say yes.

  • The Value of Vulnerability

    A simple conversation leads to bigger thoughts on vulnerability.
  • Guest Blog: Mads Alonso of Pretty Dyke Fashion

    A collaboration with Mads Alonso of Pretty Dyke Fashion.
  • Masters of Transformation

    A brief reflection on why Halloween is so popular within the queer community.
  • Taking Power Back

    Revising a key theme of Quiet Deviants before the latest drop.
  • Aftermath

    A few thoughts on what happens after coming out.
  • BXTCH Series Part Four: our future

    The fourth and final poem in the BXTCH guest series. 
  • BXTCH Series Part Three: the ways we die

    The third of four poems in the BXTCH guest series. 
  • BXTCH Series Part Two: flesh

    The second poem in a four poem series by poet BXTCH.