• One Year

    Reflections on Quiet Deviants one year in.
  • So Close, So Far

    Thoughts on how entrepreneurship can mirror our personal journey.
  • It's About Damn Time: The Ties Between Purple Sneakers and Venture Capital

    An important reminder from Arlan Hamilton's new book It's About Damn Time
  • Clarity in A Time of Crisis

    How mandated self-isolation showed me that I need to put more work in.
  • Why the LGBTQ Community Is Better Suited to Handle COVID-19

    Thoughts on how the queer community might be better suited to deal with the aftermath of COVID-19.
  • Fashion: A Way Forward

    Guest author Beatrice Mitchell on how fashion has helped her articulate who she is throughout various stages of her life and transition.
  • A New Take on Nostalgia

    Thoughts on how nostalgia can be redefined for queer history.
  • Rewriting Our Own Songs

    The queer podcast LGBTQ&A inspires deeper thoughts on rewriting the script.
  • Salem Jones Sheds Their Old Self

    Queer nonbinary tattoo artist Salem Jones shares their story.
  • My Drag Race Lesson

    My biggest takeaway from RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Saying Yes and Showing Up

    How you get to know yourself when you opt in and say yes.

  • The Value of Vulnerability

    A simple conversation leads to bigger thoughts on vulnerability.