• Aftermath

    A few thoughts on what happens after coming out.
  • BXTCH Series Part Four: our future

    The fourth and final poem in the BXTCH guest series. 
  • BXTCH Series Part Three: the ways we die

    The third of four poems in the BXTCH guest series. 
  • BXTCH Series Part Two: flesh

    The second poem in a four poem series by poet BXTCH.
  • BXTCH Series Part One: dysphoria

    The first poem in a four part guest series by queer poet BXTCH.
  • Undeniable

    Alexa Guanlao Sison shares how their path to mental wellness led them to accept all of the elements of their spirit.
  • Subversive Rebellion

    How intolerance helped fuel the inspiration behind Quiet Deviants.
  • Encouragement Through Existence

    Thoughts on being in exclusively queer spaces.
  • Denial of the Truth

    A few short thoughts on the consequences of denying who you are.
  • Julie Rae Powers Has A Plan With A Purpose

    Julie Rae Powers (they/them) is a photographer based in Columbus, OH. Julie Rae and Perry sat down to discuss their latest project, a queer-focused zine titled 50:Pride.
  • [Re]Freshed

    How a professional conference gave Zac Boyer, M.A.Ed a new perspective on their workplace.
  • A Fresh Take

    Why was Quiet Deviants created?